Notes for users

This website exists to inform regular and occasional attendees plus anyone who has never been to an organ recital before of what’s on and where and to increase awareness of the many wonderful venues. It is a non-commercial enterprise.

EVENTS lists all recitals and concerts that have been registered.

VENUES lists all venues with at least one event.

ORGANISTS lists all organists who have or did have a listed recital.

REGISTER is for venues and organists to submit recital details. Please register as early as possible – the intention is to add new events within 24 hours.

RECENTLY PUBLISHED – the latest events that have been included.

New in V2.1 from April includes text only listings for faster browsing, an Organists page (see where an Organist is playing), specific single Event pages, Location on Google Maps, links to the NPOR (with a few gaps) and the list of the most recently published events.

Thanks to Stephen Smith for running the predecessor website for 18 years.

Roger Wilcox