Provided at no cost to venues or organists this website exists to inform regular and occasional attendees plus people who have never been to an organ recital before of what’s on and to increase awareness of the venues where organ music can be enjoyed.

It will be a big help if anyone making a welcome/introductory talk before a recital can mention www.organrecitals.uk plus including a reference on printed programme notes and venue websites.

From January the VENUES pages only list venues where there is at least one recital.

The Home page displays today’s recitals and the chronological buttons. To browse all events click ALL LISTINGS and to see what’s on at a specific venue click VENUES to browse in alphabetical order.

The Search bar has limitations but can be used to see where an organist is playing but the name must be entered exactly i.e. first name and surname.

If the suitable link has been supplied click “More” to see ticketing website (e.g. Eventbright) or Local Organists' Association website or the music or recital page of the Venue website.

This is the successor to organrecitals.com and I would like to acknowledge all the work by Stephen Smith over 18 years. Having been to many recitals and concerts that I only became aware of thanks to Stephen's website I hope more people can appreciate the architecture, location and music. With no complex database involved it was developed over a few weeks in March 2022 with the first recital listed on the 1st May 2022.

Roger Wilcox roger@organrecitals.uk